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Tall Story: For you, and the child that lives in You.

I’m taking a break from my french travel files and cooking adventures to share with you a different kind of story.  A Tall Story.

When I was a young girl at school, I had this classmate who just totally amazed me with her drawings.  She could sketch anything at all — with almost no effort — and it would turn out GREAT.  Her characters were mostly fat and pudgy, looking almost like they all sort of came from the same family tree.  And if I closed my eyes today, more than 40 years after, I can still visualize her drawings.  Back then, I thought:  One day, this girl will be famous.  And indeed.  That day has come.

Candy Quimpo-Gourlay, a Filipino, based in London for the past 20 or so years, was that classmate of mine.  And her day of crowning glory has arrived as she launches her first novel — “Tall Story.”  I have pre-ordered my copy of her book — and suggest you do the same.  Candy’s humor and realistic perspective on life is certainly one worth enjoying.  Whether it is for you, your children, or the child that lives within you.

TALL STORY:  What you want is not always what you get.  Even when your wishes come true.

Bookseller says of the book: “Candy Gourlay combines wry humour and profound comment on cultural identity.  It is an astute coming-of-age novel.  There is an assured quality to the writing which wholly envelops readers in this convincing, witty and poignant story about difference, assimilation and family dynamics.

Out in the UK on the 27th of May, July 2010 in the Philippines, and early 2011 in the United States.

I know I can’t wait to get my hands on my pre-ordered copy.  🙂  And I will be lucky enough to be in a high school reunion with Candy soon … as we celebrate her first big break in the great big wheel of Life.


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