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Je reviens!

Literally, “I’m back!”

Mostly because I came across this fantastic, super duper Dior commercial that just must be shared. In case you haven’t seen it yet.

After spending a productive, fun, relaxing two-months back home , I .. well, dragged my feet back to Paris. Goodbye sun, goodbye glorious beaches, goodbye to my dear sisters and brothers. Three days after we arrived, I went back to my usual task of playing tourist guide to some very special people who visited for 10 days. And it is only now that I am slowly sinking back into our regular routines.

Kids are back in school, I am back on my computer, itching to cook as soon as I shed off some pounds I’ve put on over the summer. I am back indeed.

Today, I watched “Mange, prie, aime”  (in version original, of course). Loved it, but not as much as the book. Enjoyed it thoroughly if only to watch Julia Roberts play the character of Liz.  And the ad of Dior just before the movie was just what made me think of going back to minding my blog. For some strange reason, watching it made me giggle, happy to be back in Paris again.

Perhaps it might just make you want to come to Paris too?


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