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Paris Basics

After having been stationed in over 5 cities in Asia, it was only in Paris that I stopped to think, “Hey, I didn’t realize I had so many friends?!”  The influx of visitors calling, emailing, and writing are as constant as spotting baguettes tucked in people’s underarms.  Likewise, it was only while in Paris that I realized that even MY friends seemed to have so many friends!

There are friends of friends, secretaries of friends, brothers and sisters of friends, even grade school classmates of my sisters or brothers … you name it!  Sometimes I am even afraid to tell people where I live!  But heck, that is the fun of Paris.  In fact, it’s what makes my social life rather lively!  After all, it was in Paris that I had the opportunity to reunite with classmates I had not seen in 30 years, or very good old friends that I hadn’t seen in 5 years!  It was in May of 2009 that we reached a record-high of 11 visitors in one month!  Our little home was beginning to resemble a Metro Station.

In Paris, the world is small.

And I thought it was about time to start using this venue to save me the time of emailing the same information to friends and friends of friends who are planning a trip to Paris.  The basic Do’s and  Don’ts;  Where to Eat, Where to Shop, What to See, and  How to Manage Reaching Your Hotel from the Airport.  You know.  The Basics.

Don’t get me wrong.  I am always happy to help.  Always happy to play tourist guide.  And it’s always fun to discover Paris with others, non?  (Just don’t ask me again to board one of those Hop-On-Hop-Off buses — because I think I have contributed to France’s economy enough in that department.)  I am just looking for an efficient way to make life easier for me — so that I wouldn’t have to keep emailing the same things over and over again.

This will be a growing list, bien sûr, with constant updates as I discover more of the wonders and secrets of Paris.

To access the information on “Paris Basics” — visit my Home Page and Click on the Category Section on the sidebar called “Paris Basics.”  Or, simply click on the link that interests you below.  That is where my various posts will be, hopefully relevant for all happy visiting friends!  And friends of friends.  🙂

Planning your Trip:

Pre-Paris Checklist 6-point checklist of things to do/know before stepping foot in Paris

Where to Rest My Weary Head? A friendly guide to get you started on choosing the appropriate accommodations for your planned stay in Paris.







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