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#1. Osso Bucco Milanese & Creamy Mascarpone and Strawberry Trifle

I’ve never ordered Osso Bucco in a restaurant.  In fact, I’ve never been served Osso Bucco at any lunch or dinner!  But I’ve seen my husband order it, not just once — but several times!  It is a favorite of his, and thank God for this — at least I kinda have an idea of how this dish should look like!

If you have been following my blog, you will see that it’s almost been a year since I last cooked.  Seriously!  Some weeks back, my daughter quietly remarked that she missed my cooking.  Yay for her, since she has been my constant fan throughout all my cooking adventures and experiments.  And since we’ve started this new group of Three Cooking Mamas, I have warned my husband to expect a busy me in the kitchen — at least two times per month!  (Some people would call this, “psyching up the hubby for what’s to come!”)  Ergo, what better way to begin this Project than with one of his favorite dishes?!

Osso Bucco

The Classic Gremolada

After cooking this dish, and finding how easy it actually is to do, I am hereby officially writing this down as a definite menu for dinner guests at home.  You can prepare everything in the morning, and pop the casserole into the oven two hours before dinner time.  Easy peasy!  The last thirty minutes of the Osso Bucco’s cooking time, will actually be spent cooking the Rissotto Milanese — which is, again, almost brainless.  It is a very hearty meal — so I wouldn’t even bother serving an appetizer with it.  This, and the absolutely yummy Creamy Mascarpone with Strawberries, is enough to make you bounce home.  Believe me!

I was in a bit of a bind — because the recipe for Osso Bucco that I followed didn’t call for tomato sauce nor tomato paste — while others I’ve seen used up to 300 grams of roughly chopped tomatoes!  This recipe uses almost a whole bottle of white wine so I figured that the flavor from that probably provided a pure and non-destructive taste, especially with the heavy Risotto Milanese beside it.  Hence… a woman’s indecision led me to adding a tablespoon of tomato paste — which turned out perfectly fine!   From Rowley Leigh’s Osso Bucco recipe, I also decided to brown the veal shanks after dredging them in some flour.  Don’t forget to pat-dry the veal shanks to remove the moisture (or they won’t brown well), and do secure the meat to the bone with twine before browning them!

The dessert (Creamy Mascarpone and Strawberry Trifle) was no less grand than the main course.  For something so simply put together, it is a sure-winner in my books!  (What you don’t know is … anything that is creamy will anyway be ALWAYS in my books!)  It’s hard to believe that balsamic vinegar mixed with strawberries would yield such a rich and distinct flavor!  Reminds me of that post I had previously written when we were at Nice and ate at a Chef friend’s home.  That was exactly what he did — and even then, I was amazed at the marriage of flavors… but never really tried it till now.  I always love those desserts that gives someone the impression that you enslaved yourself in the kitchen all day — when all it took was 30 minutes of your time!  🙂  Here’s how mine looked:

Creamy Mascarpone with Strawberries

Et voila! I had one happy hubby and daughter who gave this dish a 10 out of 10!  🙂  Well-worth it as the debutante menu of the 3 Cooking Mamas!



2 thoughts on “#1. Osso Bucco Milanese & Creamy Mascarpone and Strawberry Trifle

  1. Eva Wong Nava on said:

    Great pics! I love the way your creamy mascarpone and strawberries turned out…mascarpone also goes very well with caramelised bananas as I found out by mistake on that one occasion when I forgot to buy the strawberries for the said dessert and had to make do with the bananas I had left in the fruit basket…

  2. I agree with Eva — the pictures look great!! The next time I make the Mascarpone and Strawberry Trifle, I shall just put a small amount like you did. I on the other hand crammed the servings into 3 glasses. Hence, the extra-full feeling in my tummy. Looking forward to the next project……….

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