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Ma Cuisine

Oui, oui!  I am back.  With a vengeance…. dans ma cuisine!  🙂  Seeing that my “Doing-the-Julia” classmates flaked out on me after thirteen weeks of cooking, feigning their 2010 summer as a much-needed-break, and then quietly disappearing into the sunset…. I thought I would embark on another cooking project!  As I’ve said before, being in Paris just makes you want to dive into cooking — with all the tempting marchés, boucheries, and restaurants that are simply inspiring!

So… I got another group of friends… all-girls, this time, in a little project called “Three Cooking Mamas.”

One Cooking Mama is a shopaholic and foodie Singaporean girl — who has lived in London for over 20 years.  She is married to a sweet Italian, and is blessed with two lovely children — aged 4 and 13.  Eva loves to write, and is a handy cooking partner because she lives only two floors above me!  More than anything, she has come to be a good friend of mine.  Funnily enough, she first became my friend before we eventually realized that we actually lived in the same building!  She is my coffee partner, my favorite hang-out-neighbor, and a friend I’d love to keep forever.   You can find her blog featuring our sumptuous meals here.

Cooking Mama # 2 is … ouf … one of my oldest friends, and also one of the sweetest ones I cherish!  I have known her for over 23 years when we both worked at the town office of Lufthansa German Airlines.  Yep, many many eons ago.  She was still single then, and I was still child-less.  Today, she has a daughter who is just about ready to get into Uni, hence her willingness to indulge in a project that will keep her busy enough not to miss her one and only daughter!  Cherie is married to a wonderful Greek hubby who spoils her and loves her to pieces.  From her lovely home in London, Cherie delights in cooking, learning Greek, and collecting the best recipe books … which she happily shares with friends like me!  🙂  She is new to blogging, just like Eva — so this project will thrust them both into the amazing world of technology!  Find Cherie’s cooking adventures right here!

How is this project different from Doing-the-Julia?

For one,   we decided not to limit ourselves to one particular chef — so we could explore all those other great cooks that don’t necessarily require us to be in the kitchen for 8 hours preparing one meal!  We will dip our fingers into all sorts of cuisine — French, Italian, Moroccan, British … mostly European — as we are all in this area anyway.  We will take turns choosing a two-course menu:  either an appetizer and a main course; or, a main course and a dessert.

Secondly, just to ensure that we do not burn-out like the Julia Group, we decided to cook only twice a month — on the first and the third week of each month.  (This kind of frequency will also ascertain that we do not totally blow our diets, and consequently, our figures!)  After each cook fest, the other half of the fun further materializes in blogging about our experience!  Wherever possible, we will reveal links to the recipes we use — or, in other cases, we might even write out the recipe if we have made our own amendments to existing ones.

So stay tuned for the 3 Cooking Mamas whipping up a storm in our busy Euro kitchens!


2 thoughts on “Ma Cuisine

  1. Mary Mallon on said:

    Sounds like a lot of fun C. Good luck. Can’t wait to read all about it. xxx

  2. pdac on said:

    Wow….my hubby just turned with envy! Now he is frantically wishing we lived in your part of the world, AND that we have 24 additional hours in a day so we could have the luxury to indulge our passions….

    Way to go girl! Looking forward to reading more!

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