Borgers with No Borders.

our lives, our loves — through our earthly adventures.

Borgers Who?

Three years later...

Thought I’d update our Borgers picture to show you how we’ve “grown” after three years in Paris!  🙂  Well, my daughter’s hair has definitely “grown!”  She’s been having this fantasy of sporting hair that was triple the size of her head.  And so she got it!  We’re still the same old Borgers … still living la vie parisienne!  

Guess who brings home the Bread?

The Borgers Bunch:  4+1. Both on our second marriage. The classic His-Hers-and-Ours.  HIS is the “+1” (not shown on picture), a recent graduate of Physics at Durham University.  We only get to see her when her school (and now her work!) allows her a few days of R&R.  HERS is the fuschia-pajama’d-teenager, now taller than her mother, eager to conquer the world.  And OURS is mon petit garçon, every inch his father: a handful, a creature of habit, a talking machine.  The kids are a decade apart, and a true joy in our lives.

Together, we travel the world, depending on where my Hotelier DH is assigned. We have lived and loved the cultures of all the places we have been to:  from Manila to Bali to Surabaya to Kota Kinabalu.  All Asian cities, as you can see, until our most recent assignment:  Paris!

You will read about our adventures as a family as we venture into cultures that are everything but our own:  how we cope, how we keep sane, how we enjoy.  You will also have a peek into our loves, our travels, and our battles.  This blog is an excellent sanity check (for me!), as we share our stories with you.  There will be photographs (an art I have yet to learn!), digital scrapbooking chit-chats, motherhood babbling, cooking adventures, and lotsa family yakking.  It’s a peek into our world.  My personal journal, my conduit to my family and friends.

The lives and loves of 4+1 nomads in third cultures.  That is US, the Borgers Bunch.


6 thoughts on “Borgers Who?

  1. I love how you write about your blended family. Cheers.

  2. Gotta love you all! What a beautiful family you have Carmela! Be proud!

  3. Inday, everyone looks terrific!
    Something looks different in you…blooming ka ba?

  4. Anonymous on said:

    Mrs B! Love the “his, hers and ours”! How very very true!!!! Miss you and look forward to reading more! Btoo xxx

  5. laura on said:

    What a great picture! You all look great! I like love your pj’s and orange slippers too!

  6. Hi Carmela! I love reading your blog and looking at your pictures and look forward to new posts… I’ve also been very inspired to start cooking like you have, my only hesitation is that i love to eat and I have gained a whopping 12 lbs. this last few months — I guess being closer to 50 makes it harder to keep the weight to where it’s supposed to be… I’ll let you know once I’ve gotten the courage to do so…

    Hey, I noticed that you didn’t mention anything about your cute canine family member sitting by you on this picture. I have 2 pomeranians who are my “children”, not having been blessed in that way, and I’m a dog-lover — how about writing up something about your furry little one?

    Keep writing — I, too, am a “wanderer” like you and love reading about these things…

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