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Where to Rest My Weary Head?

The much dreamed-about trip to Paris often happens in this sequence.

Let’s go to Paris.  Sure!  Who wouldn’t like to go to Paris?

Do we have the budget?  Uhmmm….  Husband checks his finances, wife promises to give up on a few pairs of shoes for the next three months or so.  The budget is reached, the decision is half there.

Then comes the most crucial question — which affects just about everything in the equation.  Especially the budget.  And especially me.  😉  Where will we stay?  Where COULD we stay?  Errr… Do you have friends there?  Hey, wait. Doesn’t the wife of your sister’s brother-in-law have a friend whose husband’s friend lives there?

Paris is the #4 city in the world with the highest room rates.  Moscow is on the top of the list, followed by Abu Dhabi, then New York City.  Understandable — why anyone would try to scrounge around for the most distant relative he has, tucked away in some corner of Paris.  Even if he hasn’t talked to that relative since their great grandmother passed away 13 years ago.  My point though is this.

Paris equals small living space.  No, miniscule!  All you have to do is look at a typical Parisian café photograph — and you will find that people are practically sipping on their express arm-to-arm with strangers on the next table.  So even if you have relatives, friends, distant cousins, or ex-classmates who are living here, chances are — they wouldn’t have much room in their place to start a Bed-and-Breakfast business.  Otherwise, they would have done it a long time ago — and you would have known it!

Accommodations is therefore a very valid, HUGE consideration in planning your trip to Paris.  And just to make the discussion more lively, here are a few points to ponder on as you make your choice:

What TYPE of accommodation are you looking for? Are you a typical hotel porn client who’ll take nothing less than palace accommodations, room service, and welcome champagne bottles and fruit baskets?  Or, do you want to live like a typical Parisian to experience the genuine la vie en Paris?  Maybe walk the streets in the morning to pick up your own baguette for breakfast?

How much of your time do you think you will be spending IN your hotel room? Next logical question:  Are you claustrophobic?  Are you on your honeymoon, with Paris as a mere backdrop?  Or, have you been married for 15 years and are simply visiting Paris to explore its deepest corners?  Shopping from sunrise to sundown — and you just need any bunk bed to take you into the next morning?

How MANY people are in your party? Traveling on your own would narrow down your choices in some way (for women), and perhaps widen the choices for men.  🙂  If you are traveling with a bunch of friends, or a whole family of 8, you should probably not even THINK of a hotel.  Think “short-term apartments,” bien sûr.

There are tons, gazillions, multitudes of hotel options in Paris.  That’s the good news.  It’s sifting through everything on  the internet that gets everyone confused in the end.  That’s the bad news.  But let me tell you, sifting through all that is half the fun.  As long as you are aware of the very basic photographic equipment called  the wide-angled lens.

Know this, know your arrondissements, know the answers to the questions above — and you’ll be totally equipped to dive into the big wide world web to find exactly what you are looking for.

Here are a few of my favorite sites which should give you good starting points:

FIRST, 3  disclaimers:

(1)  Out of respect for my husband’s business, I will not get into any of the Parisian palaces, nor the 5-star category hotels, because then … I would be utterly subjective.  I only know one Palace in Paris that will be worth your stay — but we will all have to wait until it opens!  Cross my fingers.  😉

(2)  I have not personally stayed in any of these hotels myself — but have merely chanced upon these sites, in much the same way that you may have.  I am just offering you a starting point to view your choices — knowing that some of them may not actually be very easy to find on the net.  It’s simply making the “sifting process” a little less bloody for you.  Do your due diligence by reading reviews and checking out the direct hotel link.

(3)  Prices stated below may change from the date of posting.  (As you know, hotel prices go up and down, depending on the season — as is the case in all other cities.)  For reference purposes, the rates below are based on Single Occupancy, Spring Prices.

Interesting Hotels for those with No-Budget Budgets:

Secrets of Paris Blog with an interesting line up of hotels.

Agoda. Tons of hotel choices from luxury to budget.

Paris Net. Narrow down your choices using the Option Window and begin your search.  Affordable options for Aparthotels, short-term.

Moderately Priced Hotels.

Prince Albert Louvre. 1st arrondissement.  EU69 up.

Ideal Hotel. 14th arrondissement. EU75 up.

Hotel Premium Montmarte.  18th arrondissement.  EU60 up.

L’Ermitage.  18th arrondissement.  EU82 up. Montmarte.

Hotel Atlantis.  6th arr.  (Saint-German-des-Prés).  EU105 up.

Hotel Langlois.  9th arr.  EU110 up.

Hotel Royal Magda. 17th arr.  EU100 up.

Hotel Duo.  4th arr.  EU140 up.  In Bastille, Marais, Chatelet area.

Hotel Pas de Calais.  6th arr.  EU145 up. In Saint-Germain-des-Prés.

Hotel Lorette Opera.   9th arr.  EU159 up.

Short-Stay Apartment Listings: (Great for groups of 4 and above)


Holiday Rentals.

Way to Stay.

Bed-and-Breakfasts: (For a real taste of Parisian living!)

Alcove & Agapes

Chambres d’hôtes

France Lodge Locations

Et voila!  🙂  Hope this gets you excited, thrilled, and eager to venture on your own to find that perfect place to rest your soon-to-be weary head.


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2 thoughts on “Where to Rest My Weary Head?

  1. Ooo la la … que tu es bien informee! (sorry no accent available to place above the ‘e’.) And you’ve informed us all very well. I do know that the next time I come to Pah-ree, I will consult my personal travel agent, my friend. . . TOI!

  2. Another resource to find apartments when in Paris or New York and many more European cities is: . So when you manage to convince your husband to go to New York you might just want to give up one pair of shoes – maye sandals.

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