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Pre-Dimanche Repas 7. Me got antsy.

I could not wait for Sunday.  By Friday morning, I was just itching to hang out in my tiny kitchen.  And, since the weather was being oh-so-cooperative (by being freakin’ cold), … I just had all the right reasons.  Besides, the Spinach Turnover of Julia Child on her pbs video with Simone Beck (featuring her home in Provence) was just too tempting not to attempt.  My “classmates” cooked this last week, while I laboured on my Leg of Lamb — since we are still sorta in our “free-wheeling” mode.  (Two of the 5 in the gang are still on vacation!).

It was quite easy to do on a whim because Julia “allowed” us to use ready-made puff pastry dough and even frozen spinach!  🙂  This was good — because that meant I could conserve my energy for the weekend!  I used the ready-made pastry dough but got disgusted with the water and the stems that are so frighteningly present in frozen spinach… so I bought fresh ones instead, and blanched them with no problem at all!  🙂

Anything that has cream, butter, cheese, and a good dough is almost always a sure-crowd-pleaser.  With me clapping my hands the loudest.  I did two sets of this pie:  one was vegetarian — where I used spinach, mushrooms, and gruyere cheese; the other one was a “normal” one with all that PLUS some somptueux English Banger sausages which I picked up from the aux marché on rue d’Aligre.  It makes a great lunch menu, which I served with a nice Tomato and Cucumber Salad (with cider vinegar dressing, capers, and torn basil leaves).  Parfait!

I whipped out my new toy (I mean, my hubby’s toy!… because I gave it to him for Christmas!) for real live footage.  Yay me, for attempting to be techy!  And Yay Me for giving my husband something for Christmas that I could equally make use of!  🙂

Three things worth noting:

1.  I never cook without my cup of coffee (and my ciggies!) for some sweet company; and,

2.  One spice that I never cook without:  Piment d’Espelette.  Apparently, as Paule Caillat mentioned in one of my cooking classes with her, hardly any french cooking is done without it.  I love it, because it just gives that subtle kick to the dish.  (The espelette pepper is a variety of chili pepper cultivated in the french commune of Pyrénées-Atlantiques, the northern territory of the Basque people.)

3.  Ani’s smile is just such a refreshing Asian smile, isn’t it?

À bientôt!


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4 thoughts on “Pre-Dimanche Repas 7. Me got antsy.

  1. Enjoyed this post and will try this dish out. But next time instead of background music perhaps you can narrate the process? I’m sure your spoken word is as Parfait as the written version. Bon Apetit!

    • cyborgers on said:

      Next time, Tessa. Testing, testing lang muna… ika nga! 🙂 I figured people who’d want to try the recipe would proceed to the link of the pbs video. 🙂
      Or did I not put a link? Hmmm….

  2. Dorota on said:

    Looks yummy again and I loved the video – just kept waiting to see your face 🙂 The sauce on a side looked very good too. All these buttery things…..mmmmm…..very Polish too so I am dribbling LOL
    Nice gift for Alain. Maybe I should buy Arth a new camera lens for Easter?
    Thumbs up for Ani – good camera work. She is learning lots of things in Paris!

  3. Dorota on said:

    …oh, and I must say that you are MUCH more proper than I am when it comes to preparing the dishes. I would have used my fingers while stuffing the pie hahaha! Is that very bad?

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