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Dimanche Repas: Semaine 4

This week was our “take-it-easy” week.  AC’s turn to choose.  He thought, a nice Ratatouille to go with a chunk of steak (Bifteck Sauté Bercy), plus a Gateau Genoise to end the meal.  I am not a big veggie fan — but on Sunday lunches, I have my husband’s nephew joining us each time.  And he is vegetarian.  So the Ratatouille sounded like a good idea.  🙂

The Gateau Genoise came from one of Julia Child’s guest chefs on pbs again — although I must say, I was not too impressed when I first watched the video.  I am instantly suspicious of any dish if it only requires a measly 2 tablespoons of butter.  But I thought I should stop whining and just go with the flow of the group’s choice. So I did.  And sometimes, being a team player does have its advantages.  🙂

The Ratatouille didn’t turn me on really.  All that work.  Just to eat veggies!  In the end, I felt that my tomato, onion, and pepper mixture was just overcooked — because I could not get the juice of my tomatoes to reduce.  Lesson learned:  When reducing, use the highest and the biggest burner on your stove!  Duhhh.  I was using the medium-sized one… and it just kept cooking the veggies, and letting out more juice!  Anyway, at the end of it all, my nephew was still pretty happy with it… so it couldn’t have been so bad.  Not good enough though to convince me to turn vegetarian!  🙂

This Sunday, I got some help from my hubby who attempted to lessen the kitchen stress by cooking the steaks himself.  He heated the plates and cooked the steaks, while I made the sauce afterwards.  The steaks were perfect at 3-4 minutes per side, brown on the outside (after being thoroughly dried with paper towels), and red on the inside.  A perfect “medium” entrecôte (à point).  Thing is though — we used a non-stick, cast-aluminum Berndes skillet to cook the steaks — which, I learned later (from my hubby), was not the best thing — because all the juices and drippings from the steak did not allow any “coagulation” on such a pan.  Ergo… there’ll be little to scrape off when you make your sauce afterwards!  Another lesson learned.

The Genoise was the most fun doing!  I totally enjoyed glazing the cake with my white Valrhonas, constructing my cornets, and even making a home-made toothpick-assembly to scrape across my dark and milk chocolate lines!  I was quite proud of myself… until hubby said that I could have used a fork.  Hahahaha.  Indeed!  What the heck was I thinking of?@(#*$&(*#  Check out my toothpick contraption here:

And below is my happy Genoise, where incidentally, I used Julia Child’s Imbibing Syrup, rather than the one specified by Flo Braker.  It just sounded more exciting — using orange liqueur rather than a sweetened dry white wine.  So I went for it with no regrets.  The other amendment I did was to use — not just a jelly filling — but a nice full red-currant-medium-thick jam.  It turned out super — especially a day after — when all the liquid and the jam seeped through the cake, making it more moist than it was straight from the oven.  Pas mal, as the french would say.

Another happy le dimanche repas indeed!  🙂  Can’t wait for next week’s menu!  🙂


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