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La Liste

To all my fellow anglophones out there, this song might not make sense to you… but it’s a cute and catchy  song which was introduced to us by our dear French teacher.  Why?  Well, because its lyrics are just full of … … imperative verbs!  LOL.  We had to listen intently to the song and pick out all the imperative verbs:  find out their definitions, conjugations, and and and…!  If anyone is up for that challenge… start hunting for all 38 of them!  LOL!

And I am sharing it with you, because I do find it so frenchy indeed.  Also because I’ve been having this mental La Liste of things I would like to blog about as life has indeed been rolling on this side of the world.  Maybe this sudden rejuvenation has also been caused by the coming of spring?  Yeah, for sure!  No more heavy winter coats, no more brain-freeze-moments, no more icicle toes.  I feel the sun again!  🙂

So… let this refreshing and loving song be the start of more stories to come:  La vie à Paris!

À bientôt.  (See you!)


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One thought on “La Liste

  1. meng, dang, i could’ve sworn that this was a (not-as-pretty) version of B!!! totally cool, i expect you to be singing this when i see you next! 😀

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