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My New Obsession

With weather that is constantly freezing (at least for my Asian skin!), see-sawing between -2 to 6 degrees, with snow and rain every now and then, I have found a new love:  Boots!  In any shape, size and color.  They keep my little toes warm, dry, and pretty!  Well OK… sometimes, they are just never warm enough… but they certainly provide me with some sort of shield against the cold.  I just love, love, love them… and wish we could wear them all year long!

With the winter sales on (yes, it is only in Paris where there are GOVERNMENT-MANDATED sales!)… this obsession is just further fueled, much to my hubby’s dismay.

Five boots since we set foot in Paris in September.  That’s almost 1.25 pairs per month.  🙂  Since a week ago, DH has declared a ban on purchasing yet another pair to add to my growing collection.  I have been good for two weeks now … although lately, there has been so much rain that I couldn’t help but think of … rain boots!  (And since the ban did not include “surfing” to salivate on them… my sister and I almost spent a whole morning commenting on the sumptuous choices available.  This newly discovered genre of boots:  Yummm!)

It’s almost a science when you go boot-picking.  I realized it is never a good thing to purchase this online (or so I keep trying to convince myself) because you have to actually FIT them to make sure they do not touch the back of your knees!  Also, since I do not have small calves, the circumference at the top of the boot becomes a critical factor!  So they may fit your feet… but you may have to go half a size more to get them to comfortably fit your calves, plus your jeans!  Then, there’s the allowance for the kind of socks you will wear with them:   How thick will your socks be?  Do you plan on wearing them with those cute warm fleece socks… like these beautiful ones from Hunter?

Yeah.  And those are just the socks.  Accessories, as they call it.

And Rain Boots?  Today… they no longer have to look boring.  Gucci, Givenchy, Jimmy Choo…. they all have their own version of rain boots that is sure to brighten up your rainy day!  My favorite ones for now are the classic Hunter’s (from good ol’ Scotland!).  But that’s just me.  Always on the safe and reasonable side.  These are my Hunters NOT!  Not yet.


Here are a few others that will definitely make a fashion statement!  Ed Hardy’s Rain Boots, Roxy’s Black and White’s.



Then, there’s Burberry’s take on ’em rain boots — a simple, understated fashion jewel … or Sperry’s rugged paisley boots (my sis’ choice).


I can’t get enough out of fantasizing on these rain boots.  And somehow, this time, I know I won’t even need to drive a tractor nor own a cow to justify wearing them!

No wonder I love the rain!!!


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8 thoughts on “My New Obsession

  1. mom.
    you have a problem.

  2. latzeng on said:

    Here in Minnesota, I have boots strictly for function: WARMTH!

  3. Dorota on said:

    Here I am, sitting in very hot Africa in my summer clothes and thinking about going to the pool later. After reading this however I wish there were shops with boots in Lagos so I could buy a nice sexy pair. I am with you Sister – I need a pair….or two NOW! Should I send you some $$$ ?

    PS. Glad to see you writing again C!

  4. a lady is sexiest in boots!

  5. can’t say that I blame you, those boots look way cool! I have a shoe obsession myself, so I can’t really say anything here

  6. move over, bag ladies, cos the boot lady comes to town! mwahahahaha

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