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His 15 Minutes of Fame

Tooting my DH, as captured on French Television news last Sunday.  For those who do not speak French, he is actually showing off our new home under construction.  That’s why you see the B’s on the ceiling.  LOL!!!

Seriously, the news feature shows the Hotel under reconstruction, Roland Bonaparte’s palace in the 1800’s.  Fabulous treat for the eyes… and truly a hotel opening to watch for!

P.S. Sorry IT people… but I can’t seem to get that “trial version” notation out.  Maybe the program’s price will be worth an investment if he ever makes it to the news again!  LOL!


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9 thoughts on “His 15 Minutes of Fame

  1. WOOOHOOO! Bonjour, AB! (I totally saw M’s face there! :D) How totally thrilling to see him speaking French (even if the only thing I understood was Shangri-La… bwahahaha!)

  2. VERY nice story! It’s amazing how many upscale hotels are being built right in that area, huh? I love how they are using an historic building as well. Your husband did a fantastic job!!

  3. good one, meng. can’t wait to see the place. btw, you didn’t have anything to do with the that little incident at harry winston this week. right?

  4. wow!!! I am so impressed. Is he french or does he just speak it very well. He sounded really good!!!! Tell him congrats from all of us, that is quite something!

  5. Dorota on said:

    I’m with Liv – I also understood “Shangri-La” only but it was nice to hear Alain speaking French 🙂

    And how is your French going Carmela? Any progress? Are you taking lessons? How about putting together a short dictionary on your blog? Something which could be useful for your friends/family who may visit you in Paris one day 😉

    • cyborgers on said:

      great idea, D. let’s see if we can start that in january! 🙂 too much on my plate at the moment… but indeed… a great idea! 🙂

  6. very pretty! both the hotel and alain!

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