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Back to Earth on the 63rd Day.

2003 Snow in Paris by Paul Flaggman

2003 Snow in Paris by Paul Flaggman

This is cause for celebration.  This is enough reason to go back to my much-neglected blog.  All because last Sunday, the 23rd of November, my daughter and I saw snowflakes falling from the sky.  For the very first time in our entire life.  Whoooopeeee!!!

We alighted from the underground Metro, just after Sunday mass, and grumbled under our breath because it was raining.  Again.  And it was cold, unusually cold.  Then, we both suddenly realized that the rain didn’t feel like rain because it seemed heavier … and no longer transparent.  It was white, more solid than wet.  It was … SNOWING!  Little specks of white dots falling from the sky!  Falling, not straight down like rain does … but falling like they were flying down, swinging in all sorts of directions, like little parachutes finding their own little spots to land.  It felt magical, fairy tale-ish, and just plain unreal.

My daughter and I looked at each other and screamed, “It’s snowing!” — and instinctively, we pulled out our phones to take pictures of our first Snow Experience.

And that is why I am back.

To tell you about our first snow experience along Avenue Kleber.  And to also tell you… that our “nanny-turned-cook” has finally arrived last Friday.  Which is why I have been reunited with my computer, which is why I have my life back, which is why I am happily blogging again.  Enough of this “Domestic Goddess” Wanabee dream.  Housework simply spoils the brain.  🙂  Hahahaha.

So much reason to celebrate.  I hope I will not be gone for such a long time again.  Ever.



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7 thoughts on “Back to Earth on the 63rd Day.

  1. Nothing like the joy of first snow! It is the season to be jolly!Glad to have you back! Miss you still! Maybe always!

  2. Oh my carmela, you guys are just so adorable! I love your enthusiasm over snowflakes, I’m sure it will wear off real soon! Hope you all had a wonderful thanksgiving!

  3. Mukhang balakubak ang snow! Bwahahaha! Can totally imagine your thrill over the snowflakes… wish I was there to join in the frolicking (uh… then again, maybe I’ll take the warmth over here instead. hehe). Now… where are *your* photos of snow in Paris? I’m sure they’re better than Flagguy’s! 😀

  4. Anonymous on said:

    So great to have you back my Dear Friend! You made me smile tonight – it is very comforting to know that you are enjoying life in Paris 🙂 Little things can bring so much happiness if we notice them. So, are you ready for White Christmas now? It will be very special I promise!

  5. Dorota on said:

    It’s so great to have you back and happy dear C! You made me smile tonight – little things sometimes bring so much happiness, we just need to notice them. Enjoy White Christmas, it’s truly special.

    Warm hugs from Downunder where people spend Christmas Day having a bbq on the beach!

  6. Joyce Small on said:

    I love seeing Paris in the snow!! My husband and I were there
    in August..and it was pretty in the summertime..but I think Paris takes a whole
    look seeing the photos of the city in the snow.

    • cyborgers on said:

      It is beautiful with snow, for sure. But only if you are properly dressed for the cold! 🙂 We just had a snowstorm yesterday, supposedly the biggest snowfall since 1987. I took one picture with my phone… which will probably be reason enough to go back to my blog! Stay tuned! 🙂 Thanks for reading! 🙂

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