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My First 7 Days.

Bienvenus a Paris!

We made it.  Through the 15 hour plane journey, the 60 kgs excess luggage, the visit to our apartment, the kids’ entry into school. Our first 7 days were … challenging, in many ways.  It is one thing to visit Paris as a tourist who immediately immerses himself into the surrounding magnificence of the city.  It is another thing to visit knowing you will have to make it your home. The priorities in both cases are just completely contrasting.

Before you can even begin to feel at home, you will have to:

1.  dive (not drive!) into the dreaded corrida at the Champs Elyssee roundabout with at least 12 exits, while giving the millions of pedestrians the right of way and spotting the traffic lights which are 6 feet above the ground (why couldn’t they make it higher for everyone to see?)

2.  learn to eat a french baguette every morning without gaining half a kilo a day

3.  master saying “Bonjour” and “Bonne Journee” at every encounter

4.  go to the supermarket and decipher each product in French (how the hell do you know when something is low-fat?)

5.  squeeze yourself into the Metro like a sardine while guarding your purse (after learning its in’s and out’s, of course)

6.  make a firm resolution to learn the language (i will get to that… one day…)

7.  watch your 4-year-old son board the school bus for the first time in his life without tearing

8.  tell your daughter things will be fine when she comes home from school on the first day, culture-shocked about how the other kids her age were preoccupied with cigarettes, hang overs, getting stoned, and belly rings

9.  figure out the 12 various product codes that you will need to buy to construct one Ikea cabinet

10. drive to Ikea by yourself!

Yes, life is not a bed of roses when everything around you is just so overwhelming.  But I will try to focus on living life in Paris just like a tourist would, only after I have learned to make it my home.  It’s a long journey ahead, and all I need to do is take one step at a time.  C’est la vie.

from Paris Mix 08/moon.dreamer
from Paris Mix 08/moon.dreamer

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11 thoughts on “My First 7 Days.

  1. Lesley StC on said:

    I have to smile, you are so brave ! what a journey, what an adventure – I don’t think there is such a thing as low-fat in France not when you have that all that gorgeous bread, cheese not to mention cakes !! Just stick to shopping in Gap where you are always 2 sizes smaller 😉 well 2 sizes smaller than UK sizes !

    Enjoy x

  2. Awwww man. Change is always tough, and it’s especially tough when there’s differences in culture to deal with as well. But the wonderful thing is we’re human, so that means we learn to adapt! Just take it slowly, baby step by baby step, breath by breath… one day you’ll look back at this post and say… pfffft. chicken. got through that with flying colors. 🙂 (then it’ll be time to come back home to manila. bwahahaha!)

  3. Meng,
    Get settled, learn the place, live the place – then make room for me and AC – Tina says she’ll meet us under the Eiffel Tower. Find me a french babe, sil vous plait.

  4. Inday, makipag-kaibigan sa mga Filipina nurses and DH dyan sa Paris…magagaling mag-French yon.

  5. Dear C., Look how much you have managed to achieve in Paris already! It’s been only a week and you have done the 10 points above. It’s more than 1 step a day 🙂 Just keep going, be positive and remember you are not alone there.

    I think it’s Carmela’s week now! Go and spoil yourself with something! You go girl!

  6. I have to agree with Dorota! You are amazing to have managed all that. Driving in Paris? Holy Moly! That’s like driving in Rome! You will be just fine, one french word at a time! (do they dip the baguette into their coffee?)

  7. PatchyLou on said:

    Dahling, I allow you to take a breath now after that action packed week 1…go to the fridge and grab that last pulveron (I suppose I got the spelling of that incorrect) and rest in your batcave. First week in french class learn the word for ‘low fat’ or else you will be in serious trouble haha. I absolutely adore this photo with the candy floss and pray you didn’t sample it?? It’s absolutely humungous and I’m gaining pounds looking at it! Week 1 was certainly a roller coaster ride for all of you plus the husband I’m sure and we all send you our hugs, kisses and love and support for week 2. mwah from KK

  8. Building a Top 10 in 7 days! Life on fast forward! Cherish the joy of discovery!

  9. Aw, honey, give it time. You will get there in the end.

  10. This blog ain’t movin’ sista… need to get hoppin’ on the blog train again! 😀 Miss you!

  11. I’m a fellow Sprague sis just here to lavish encouragement upon you and yours during this transition.

    Change and I are not buddies, but hopefully he’s much kinder to you. 🙂

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