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Jason Mraz: 9.0 points!

Coolness on the Richter Scale:  9.0 for Jason Mraz.

In his very early thirties, this Virginia-born singer-songwriter is Mr. Cool, both in my daughter’s books and mine.  He is one of those boys that a mother wouldn’t mind having her daughter bring home one day.  He looks like a simple boy-next-door who loves to sing, play with his words, babble… and  be actually good at it!

He is so cool… that my DD actually searched the internet and found that he would be conveniently staging a concert in Paris on September 24!  She begged, cajoled, pleaded and bribed to get me to buy the tickets … which I eventually succumbed to (after watching his videos that were just conveniently showing in every TV set we had at home!).  Unfortunately, by the time I succumbed, the tickets were sold out.  What was originally selling on his site for EU23 per person had now sky-rocketed to EU109 on other internet ticketing sites.

DH and I thought it might be a nice event for her to look forward to, along with the move to Paris… so we closed our eyes and bought it.  Two tickets for mother and daughter to enjoy a happy hip hot concert of Mraz.

Then, the bad news.  DD’s first school field trip just got scheduled smack into the concert date.  The school is going on a field trip to Cote d’ Azur on the French Riviera for 3 days.  Brainless choice, right?  School comes first, as my Mother always said.  So daughter is bumming because she can’t be in two places at one time.  Mother is bumming even more because… what the hell do I do with those tickets now?  It’s not like I can peddle them on the streets on concert day.  In French? … Nahhh. I can’t ask DH to watch it with me … unless I trick him and say it’s a concert of Johnny Hallyday.  And even if he miraculously agrees, what are we to do with my little 4-year old?

I even tried to sell the tickets back to the vendor, tried to resell it through a Ticketing Site (GetMeIn) … no luck.  So if anyone is in Paris and just happens to be free on the 24th of September, give me a ring.

So… Let’s add some salt on the wound and dream about what we will be missing…


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5 thoughts on “Jason Mraz: 9.0 points!

  1. carmela…..I LOVE THIS GUY!!!! i just bought some of his songs on itunes the other day> i would soooooooooooooooooooooo love to see him live! great blog by the way! shell

  2. Dorota on said:

    He looks like he can sing! I wish I was in Paris on Sept 24th… Looks like you will have to take your Hubby on a date and smuggle in Maxim in a bag pack 🙂

  3. Ljonezy on said:

    Oh this sound so much like Veevs’ with the Bon Jovi tickets and the Chicago trip. Lucky for her she chose Chicago. And I’m glad to say I can now leave a messge on your blog! Yippie!!

  4. Finally!!! Okay, now that you have your Visas, it’s only a question of time until Liv can come and visit me, LOL. So sorry about your flat, there will be others I’m sure. I can’t even imagine living in a place without a yard again. City living, not for me. So cool that you get to go soon though

  5. Achhh. . . . I would LOVE to share those tickets with you! LOVE Jason (he’s actually coming to Seattle soon, too!) I’m sure we would have a rockin’ time on the town!!

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