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Tut 1: Extraction. Just as Painful.

A group of friends from the Godmother of Digi Scrapping, Jessica Sprague, recently got together (cyber-ically) to share their knowledge on digi scrapping techniques.  It’s a wonderful way to extend the learning process from Jessica’s site and practice some skills that will certainly come in handy when doing layouts.  I must admit, I am a novice amongst these “old-timers” — so let me confess that I am more of a “receiver” than a “giver.”  We have decided to include our exercises in our individual blogs so as not to clog our in-boxes with tons of mail.  So, here I am, surrendering my first try at Extraction.  Thanks to the tutorial links sent by Lynne (here) and Veevs (here) …. and overflowing thanks especially to my dear sister — who couldn’t help but take over my MACdreamy when the walls became bloody from my head-banging.

Of course it didn’t help that I chose the easiest thing to extract: Boris, our very hairy ex-dog.*  HAIR.  Biiiiiiig mistake.  Grrrrrreat practice.

Starting picture:                                               Extraction:

Application of the extracted image can be seen on my “Borgers Who?” Page.


  • Hair is not the friend of Extractions (unless you have LivE beside you!)
  • Hair Extractions can only be achieved by combining all possible techniques you can get your hands on.  I .. errrr Liv and I … had to use at least 3 different extraction techniques to come up with the end result:  Filter-Extract Tool on CS3, Quick Select Tool, and Channels.
  • Extracting an object set against a dark background can be vely vely tricky.

* I painfully referred to Boris as our “ex-dog” because we were forced to make the aching decision to leave him behind in Kota Kinabalu, with some very good friends who had asked for him.  We thought we would spare him the pain and suffering of being transported for the third time — at his old age of 9.  Although the “turn-over” was full of tears and sadness within the whole family, we knew that he would be in very good hands, with a new adoptive family that loved him even before he got there.  🙂


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