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Preparing the Nest!

It is Day 34 since we walked into the French Embassy in KL to apply for our visas.  DD and I both hold Philippine passports, and we have just been initiated into the classic Waiting Game.  No visa in sight.  No hint of a Time Table.  And no more airline seats to Paris until we have a definite date.  Meanwhile, Hubby is adjusting to his new office in the 16th arrondissement — bewildered by the fact that he goes into a Hotel where there are (still) no complaining guests, no crowd having breakfast, and no staff!  The usual Pre-Opening Stage.  It is the Calm before the Storm.

But, he is getting organized as always.  He has secured a service apartment at the Trocadero somewhere, our pit stop before we find our Happy Home.  He is working on setting up our bank accounts, has determined walking time to the kids’ schools, surveyed the area for quick-stop grocery shopping.

Within his first 7 days in office, he likewise managed to choose and purchase his company car, a VW Touareg — which looks like a sizable monster to me, too big to fit the narrow streets of Paris that I imagine.   If this is a sign of out-of-town trips that are to come … by all means, let him have it!  That’s the “HIS.”

And for moi … DH was fearful that I would not manage to squeeze into little corners and alleys… so he’s decided on getting me my own Bump Car.  No objections to that one.  It’s a license to … BUMP!   So, as it turns out, the “HERS” is given a choice between a Citroen C2

Or… a Peugeot 1007.

Cute wins.  The electric sliding door for those oh-so-tight parking challenges, the on-board computer, windscreen wipers that sense the rain and adjust their speed, a rear parking aid (vely vely important!!!), and even a child-check mirror to make sure everyone is fine and dandy behind me. And… the clincher? A satellite navigation with colour screen … in English! Whoopeeee!!!  🙂

So let’s see if DH can get the ball rolling on getting me on my Freedom Bump Car!  🙂


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2 thoughts on “Preparing the Nest!

  1. dorotabourekas on said:

    WOW! I love your blog my Dear Friend! As always you came up with great ideas, funny stories, interesting links and I bet there is much more to come!

    I love your writing skills and can’t wait for more posts – soooo witty and funny!

    Congratulations Carmela and good luck with the new chapter in your life!

  2. So… duhhh, my brain feels like i’m sitting on it, but which is the cute one–the citroen or the peugeot? ROFL. either way, cute wins … just not yellow? eez very cory aquino… ROFL.

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