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Bonjour Paris!

We are moving into our 7th home, our 5th city in all of our 12 years as a family.  This particular move is special because it is the first time we will be moving out of Asia.  The first time in 20 years that my Belgian husband will be back to actually LIVE again in Europe!  The first time that I will live in a city that will take more than 8 hours to fly back home.  It is an extraordinary time in our nomad existence which is enough reason to start a blog (among other things to follow)!

So here I am, with my kids, in Manila:  the 29th day since we walked into the French Embassy in KL to get our visas (since my daughter and I are still carrying our Filipino passports).  It’s a Waiting Game.  Meanwhile, Hubby has moved to Paris, and is on his 8th day of work while we are still here, not exactly packed, but ready to go! 🙂

I know there is much to learn (starting with the language!), much to adjust to (never lived in a country with 4 seasons!), and much to be grateful for.  It is an opportunity to once again reinvent ourselves, to build a pristine home, to make new friends, and to relish an unfamiliar culture. Yet another earthly adventure into the Great Unknown.

Our journey begins … as this throbbing blog does.


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One thought on “Bonjour Paris!

  1. WOOOHOOOO!!! Welcome to blogland, sistah!!! This is looking AWESOME!!! 😀

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